12% higher strawberry yield with Agrolution pHlow

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Strawberry trial with Agrolution pHlow

Key conclusions

  • Using Agrolution pHLow increased the total yield by 12% and the commercial yield by 16%, compared to grower practice.
  • The application of Agrolution pHLow increased the net farmer income per hectare with 16%.


General trial information

Goal of the trial:
Prove that using Agrolution pHLow will result in higher yields compared to grower practice (single fertilizers).

Crops: Strawberry, Sonata variety

Location: Germany

Growing method: Strawberry grown in tunnels on tabletop.

                              Growing media: 30% peat and 70% coco fibers.

Assessments: Total yield and commercial yield

Agrolution pHLow is a water-soluble fertilizer perfect for growers who have to deal with high pH and high alkalinity in their irrigation water and/or substrate.

The acidic nature of Agrolution pHLow means that all the nutritional elements dissolve more efficiently, even in hard water. It is made of the purest ingredients and all trace elements in the fertilizer are chelated. It will keep the drip lines free of lime scale build up. Agrolution pHLow is a safe method compared to handling liquid mineral acids.