Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+ reduced with 63% bitter pit in apples

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Apple trial with Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+ 

Key conclusions

  • By using Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+  the incidence of bitter pit on the fruit was significantly reduced both before and after harvest
  • Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+ performed better than the other calcium product and control
  • The incidence of bitter pit was reduced by up to 63% with Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+


General information:

Goal of the trial : Evaluation of the efficiency of different calcium formulations in order to reduce the incidence of “bitter-pit” in ‘Golden Delicious’ apple trees

When:  Summer applications, 2015

 Trial station:  Spain

 Crop:  Apple, Golden Delicious variety

 Assessments:   % of bitter pit in different stages

 Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+, 8-0-0+13.8%CaO is a liquid foliar fertilizer containing Calcium and Nitrogen. The product is fortified with unique technologies to boost Calcium absorption and to prevent Calcium deficiencies in fruit and vegetable crops.
Calcium plays a key role within the plant, it is essential for root development, shelf life and the building of the cell walls within the plant and fruit.
Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+ performs better than conventional fertilizers which, especially in summer, may burn the leaves.

Note: Avoid mixing calcium and copper based products in the same tank!