Agromaster achieved 17% marketable yield increase in melon

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Melon trial with Agromaster

Key conclusions

  • Agromaster proved that Controlled Release Fertilizers perform better than inhibitor based products, not only in scientific trials but also in open field production.
  • Agromaster 12-5-19+4MgO provided better result, due to the controlled release Nitrogen, and achieved a 17% marketable yield increase vs Grower Practice while the Return on Investment was increased by 8%.

General information

Goal of the trial:
Prove the efficiency of Agromaster as Controlled Release Fertilizer vs DMPP based products, as Inhibitor Fertilizers

 Trial station: France

 Crop: Melon, variety Gandalf

 Assessments: Marketable yield and fruit size distribution.

Agromaster ensures the immediate release of nutrients for the plants needs in the first stages of vegetation and it will continuously feed the plants due to coated Nitrogen by E-Max Release Technology.

Influenced by the temperature, the semi-permeable coating regulates the daily release of nutrients. At higher temperatures, the release of nutrients will be faster. At lower temperatures, it will be slower, in line with the nutritional needs of the plant.

 ICL Specialty Fertilizers is keen to make a contribution to sustainable farming by enabling precision nutrition on a wide range of crops.