Efficient foliar fertilization with M-77 Technology

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M-77 Technology

Foliar feeding is an excellent solution when the plant root system is not functioning optimally or when nutrition via the soil is malfunctioning. This form of feeding is ideal when root uptake is disturbed by factors such as overly cold or warm soils, high soil pH, high weed competition, or nematode infestation. Foliar fertilizers are also perfect for use as a preventative tool to avoid and reduce stress situations.
M77 is an exclusive package of compounds that have defined purposes.
This package includes ingredients that enhance the delivery of the spray solution, its speedy uptake, and the effectiveness of the nutrients included on their target organs and tissues. An additional innovative, patented plant booster takes plant nutrition one step further. All these ingredients result in healthier and more productive crops.

The M-77 formula contains:

  • Compounds extending the effectiveness of the chelates supplied by the foliarspray
  • Vitamins that improve the metabolic activity of the tissues absorbing the spray
  • Functional elements that improve the utilization of the nutrients
  • Stress-reducing compounds that enhance the plant’s resistance to abiotic stresses, thereby maintaining its productive capacity.