Fairy Rings

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Causal organism: 
Type 1 is Mostly caused by Marasmius oreades
Type 2 is caused by numerous fungi, e.g. Agaricus Spp, Lycoperdon Spp
Type 3 is caused by many basidiomycetes

Fairy Rings
Host Grass Types
All types of turf
The 3 main types of Fairy Ring:
  • Type 1: Marasmius oreades – ring of dead turf bordered by stimulated turf growth. Causes turf death by soil water repellence and/or toxic substances
  • Type 2: Agaricus & Lycoperdon Spp – stimulated grass growth with no fungal bodies. Rarely causes excessive damage to turf
  • Type 3: Hygrophorus & Psilocybe Spp – no affect on turf grass except when fruiting bodies are present (normally in autumn)

Conditions that can favour the development of the disease

  • Decayed organic matter and high levels of thatch
  • Frequent watering
  • Insufficient fertilizer applications can exaggerate the symptoms

Management strategy to reduce the likelihood of attack

  • Control thatch as part of a programmed approach
  • Apply wetting agents that have penetrant activity to help move water through the hydrophobic layer
  • Wetting agents should be used in combination with deep aeration
  • If required, Nitrogen fertilizers or products containing iron can be used to mask the visual symptoms of light and dark green rings

Although it is not always necessary or appropriate to control Fairy Rings, they can be particularly troublesome on many different turf types. The rings of stimulated grass growth are the result of Nitrogen released in the soil by the Fairy Ring activity underground, breaking down organic matter to release ammonia which is converted into nitrate and taken up by the plant.

Treating Fairy Rings with fungicide

Heritage and Heritage Maxx are both approved for the treatment of Type 2 Fairy Rings. Fungicide treatment must be targeted at the soil. A high water rate with an appropriate
nozzle should be selected to achieve a thorough drench of the upper soil profile. The use of wetting agent prior to application will assist the movement of the active ingredient down into the upper soil profile. Irrigation (2 - 3 minutes) after application will also help to wash the active ingredient down. Repeat applications may be needed to achieve full control.

Appropriate fungicides for the control of Fairy Rings are:

  • Heritage
  • HeritageMaxx
  • BannerMaxx
  • Instrata
  • MedallionTL
  • Headway


Preventative Strategy (Guidance Only)

Curative Programme (Guidance Only)