H2Flo increased the yield 16% in Asparagus

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Asparagus trial with H2Flo

Key conclusions

  • By using H2Flo, the yield increased up to 16% compared to grower practice (100% irrigation) and reduced irrigation water by 20%
  • The total yield increased, especially in the 22+ caliber
  • H2Flo provided an extra income of 2,413 €/ha, compared to normal grower practice (100% irrigation), achieved only from extra yield. Reduced costs of less irrigation water, pump costs etc., are not included.


General information

Goal of the trial:  
Demonstrate that applying H2FLO will result in a reduction in irrigation volume while maintaining or increasing yield.

When: June 2015- May 2016

Trial station: France

Crop: Asparagus, variety Grolim – white

Application method: Irrigation

Soil type: Sandy soil

Assessments: Total Yield
                        Commercial yield
                        Caliber distribution

H2Flo is a unique blend of surfactants designed to move water and fertilizers quickly and efficiently through soil. H2Flo leads the way in water conservation products with the highest concentration of active ingredients (88%) of the most advanced wetting agents available. H2Flo allows growers and farmers to move less water and save more water.
H2Flo can be applied as an initial humectant and also during the normal irrigation cycle where it will also aid the movement of fertilizers throughout the soil and thus balancing the EC levels.