Improving water uptake in dry substrate with H2Gro

  • Whastsapp

As one of the leading producers of perennials and woody ornamentals in southern Germany, mr. Häussermann was the first German customer to start using H2Gro in their crops.
"We grow a wide variety of perennials and woody ornamentals. Thanks to modern equipment, the best soil, the favourable climate in our location and long-standing, well-trained employees, we can grow plants that meet the highest quality standards and the special requirements of our customers.
To this end, we have been mixing our own potting soil for over 20 years. We use high quality peat, wood fiber, clay/lime and Osmocote fertilizers in several analyses.
We have always had some substantial issues with water uptake in dry substrate. With the application of H2Gro wetting agent we have made irrigation a lot easier. Simultaneously, we are noticing better and more even water distribution in our entire plant stock.
Another reason why we apply H2Gro, is that we want to facilitate re-wetting of our plants at the customer. Through the improvement of water uptake in the substrate, H2Gro ensures plant quality in the market chain as well as rooting and growth after planting out.
All in all we are very satisfied with H2Gro!"