Increasing nitrogen use efficiency with controlled release fertilizers

  • Whastsapp

Modern sustainable agriculture demands efficient fertilization practices to meet legislation and requirements and to reduce nitrogen losses. Growers urgently need to find solutions to improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) whilst reducing nitrogen losses.

Controlled release (coated) fertilizers are relatively new in the agricultural market and offer a predictable and consistent release of nutrients in a specific period of time. Since the amount of nitrogen released daily is small and happens in line with plant uptake requirements, this sort of fertilizers could be an ideal tool to reduce nutrient losses and optimize the NUE (Diara et al., 2014; Terlingen et al., 2016).

We put the efficiency of our E-Max coating technology to test in a leaching trial in tomatoes. The use of coated nitrogen as a base fertilizer had a clear effect on:

  • Reducing nitrogen losses
  • Increading yields
  • Improving the nitrogen use efficiency

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