Managing the nutrition of big bush blueberries

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Water soluble fertilizer recommendation for blueberries

Blueberries evolved under acidic soil conditions where levels of many nutrients are naturally low. Generally, this crop is sensitive to too much nutrient, therefore many fertilizer practices common to bush and tree fruit production are not appropriate for blueberries. Proper management of nutrition is particularly important in blueberry culture because most blueberries are grown on sandy soils that are prone to leaching. Efficient use of fertilizers will reduce production costs and minimize adverse effects on water quality. 

Ideal ratios for NPK fertilizations programs are 2-1-2 during vegetative growth and 2-1-3 since fruit formation until end of harvest. For each scenario ICL Specialty Fertilizers offers a complete solution, with water soluble fertilizer formulas that will fulfill the nutrition requirements. Each product line contains a complete array of nutrient balances, allowing to customize the fertilization program according to each location and plant growth stage:

  • Agrolution Special will supply the three main nutrients (NPK) and contains additionally Ca and Mg, making this the complete solution for regions where water does not supply enough nutrients. Additionally it provides as well a full package of micronutrients, with concentrations above the market standards.
  • For regions where irrigation water is hard and rich in Ca and Mg, ICL Specialty Fertilizers created Agrolution pH Low. This product supplies the perfect balance of NPK while offering the added value of its acidifying effect. Thanks to its inner “Pekacid technology”, it will prevent the formation of precipitates in the drippers, ensuring like this an homogeneous irrigation and distribution of nutrients. Just like Agrolution Special, this product contains a full package of micronutrients.
  • Nova WSF: this line of straight water soluble fertilizers is characterized for its unrivaled quality and are high solubility. They can be mixed with other straight fertilizer products or compound water-soluble fertilizers such as Agrolution pHLow or Agrolution Special. The combination of different straight fertilizers will offer the maximum flexibility for users which prefer to have highly customized fertilization programs.

Additionally, ICL Specialty Fertilizers offers a complete line of Foliar fertilizers called Agroleaf Power and Agroleaf Special, which will prevent and solve any nutrient deficiency problems plants may present during the growing cycle. This products not only contains nutrients, but also additives and bio-stimulants, which maximize the response obtained by the plants.

Scott Garnett
Senior Agronomist
ICL Specialty Fertilizers