Rice yield increased by 30% using Agrocote Max

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Rice trial with Agrocote Max

Key conclusions

  • By using ICL’s Agrocote Max, the panicles/m2 and subsequent yield increased significantly compared to grower´s practice
  • One basal application of ICL’s Agrocote Max had better results than three split applications of traditional fertilizers
  • The total yield increased with 30% by using Agrocote Max vs. grower´s practice

General information

Goal of the trial:
Prove that using  Agrocote Max + Urea  as base fertilizer in rice will result in better yields compared to grower’s practice, consisting of 3 split fertilizations.

When: Sowing, 6/5/2015
            Harvest, 23/9/2015

Where: Vercelli - Italy

Crop: Rice, Onice variety

Soil type: Loam soil, 42.8% silt, 10% clay and 47.2% sand. pH: 6.36

Assessments:  Panicles/m2  and Total Yield

Agrocote Max is a controlled release fertilizer containing coated nutrients to satisfy the plants nutritional requirements. The result is strong, uniform plants, full of vitality, with the minimum of labour and time.

Agrocote Max contains E-Max Release technology, a polymer coating which improves nutrient use efficiency. The release of nutrients is based upon moisture and temperature, offering predictable longevities. Influenced by the temperature, the semi-permeable coating regulates the daily release of nutrients. At higher temperatures, the release of nutrients will be faster. At lower temperatures, it will be slower, in line with the nutritional needs of the plant.

ICL is keen to make a contribution to sustainable farming by enabling precision nutrition on a wide range of crops.