Same tomato yield, 25% less water used

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Tomato trial with H2Flo

Key conclusions

  • Positive return of investment of €390 euro per Ha in energy savings from 25% less irrigation. 
  • Yield maintained with 25% water saving, 1M L/Ha water saved
  • Plots treated with H2Flo at the 50% ETO level increased yield over 100%


General trial information

Goal of the trial:
Demonstrate that applying H2FLO will result in a reduction in irrigation volume while maintaining or increasing yield.

When: Spring 2014

Where: Florida, USA

Crop: Tomato (Charger  variety), 12 weeks growing season

Application method: Tomato plants in single rows. One drip tape per plot. Randomized complete block with 4 replications, 12 meter long rows with 40 plants/plot.

Measurements:  Soil volumetric water content (VWC) readings at 15cm deep on bed centres and 15cm from the west edge (50 observations during the season)

                           Plant height (3 weeks after transplanting [WAT])
                           Foliar dry biomass per plant (3 and 15 WAT; 5 plants/plot)
                           Marketable yields (10 and 12 WAT).

H2Flo is an unique blend of surfactants especially designed to move water and fertilizers quickly and efficiently through different types of soil. The advances made in surfactant technology mean that this product leads the way in water conservation and provides growers and farmers with the most advanced wetting agents available.
The product can be applied as an initial wetter and also during the normal irrigation cycle where it will also aid the movement of fertilizers throughout the soil therefore balancing the EC levels. H2Flo also prevents the hardening of water repellent deposits.