Take-All Patch

  • Whastsapp

Causal organism: 
Gaeumannomyces graminis

Take-All Patch
Host Grass Types
Bent grasses (Agrostis), Annual meadow grass (Poa annua), Deschampsia
Saucer shaped, depressed bronze areas of bent grass, resistant grass species within patch, black roots, presence of perithecia in stems

Conditions that can favour the development of the disease

  • Take-All Patch is most commonly found on greens with low antagonistic microbial populations – i.e. sand based greens
  • Soils with a high pH (>6.5)
  • Poor drainage
  • Alkaline irrigation water increases the risk of attack
  • Turf with a dominance of susceptible species are more vulnerable to damaging attacks

Management strategy to reduce the likelihood of attack

  • Try to reduce pH of the soil so that conditions are less favourable to the pathogen
  • Increase soil biological activity with the use of soil conditioners so that there are more natural antagonists
  • Manganese (Mn) has been shown to be effective as part of an integrated approach
  • Check water quality for pH and carbonate levels
  • Use acidifying fertilizers to reduce soil pH if required
  • Avoid Potassium nitrate which increases soil surface pH
  • Check the pH of topdressing to ensure low lime and pH levels
  • Use fungicides as part of your iTurf programme and be aware of causing resistance to one chemical group by its regular use

Supporting technologies to help reduce the risk of Take-All patch disease include:

  • SierraformGT
  • STEP Hi-Mag
  • H2Pro

Treating Take-All Patch with fungicide

Because Take-All Patch is a soil-borne disease, fungicide treatment must be targeted at the soil. An appropriate nozzle should be selected then irrigation applied for 2 - 3 minutes to achieve a thorough drench of the upper soil profile. The use of wetting agent prior to use will assist the movement of the active ingredient down into the upper soil profile. Irrigation (2 - 3 minutes) after application will also help to wash the active ingredient down. Repeat applications may be needed to achieve full control.

Appropriate fungicides for the control of Take-All Patch are:

  • Heritage
  • HeritageMaxx
  • Headway


Preventative Strategy (Guidance Only)

Curative Programme (Guidance Only)