Total yield increase 8.4% using Agrolution pHLow

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Blueberry trial with Agrolution pHLow

Key conclusions

  • Due to Agrolution pHLow, the plants were better nourished (proved by SPAD measurements), an improvement in branching was observed and had longer first-year shoots, which will positively affect the yield next year
  • Using Agrolution pHLow, an extra income of 3,075 €/ha is generated compared to grower practice.
  • By using Agrolution pHLow, total yield increase of 8.4% .


General information

Goal of the trial: Evaluate the effect of Agrolution pHLow in comparison with conventional fertilizers

Trial station: Poland

Crop: Blueberry, variety Bluecrop

Assessments: Total yield
                        Shoots length
                        Leaf chlorophyll concentration

The Agrolution range of water soluble fertilizers has been developed with a double objective: the availability of all nutrients in the correct proportions and the convenience of solving water quality problems with one product.
Agrolution pHLow products are designed for irrigation with hard water. Agrolution pHLow has a strong acidifying effect, reducing the bicarbonates level of the irrigation water, preventing and maintaining the irrigation systems clean. It consists of pure nutrients and chelated trace elements, all dissolving quickly in water.