Yellow Tuft

  • Whastsapp

Yellow Tuft
Host Grass Types
Most cool season grass species
Small tufts of excessively tillered yellow turf. The affected plants will pull easily from the turf to reveal dense clusters of yellowed tillers emanating from a single crown

Conditions that can favour the development of the disease

  • The disease is most damaging in poorly drained turf
  • Over-watering can also encourage the development of the disease
  • Excessive thatch accumulations can lead to water retention
  • Soil compaction can also impede drainage

Management strategy to reduce the likelihood of attack

  • Ensure adequate surface and subsurface drainage
  • Avoid the construction of low lying areas that will collect water and remain saturated for extended periods
  • Install subsurface drainage
  • Aerate and topdress on a regular basis to reduce compaction, minimize thatch accumulation, and encourage drainage

Preventative Strategy (Guidance Only)