Superior in performance but simple to use

Fertilizers have to work optimally every day of the season. Agromaster combines ICL's advanced technology with specially selected conventional granules. This powerful combination provides nitrogen control and high-quality performance in one uniform product. Low in chloride. Suitable for sensitive crops. 

Agromaster has been proven over a wide range of crops to improve yields. The controlled release technology delivers continuous nutrients over time maching a crop's nutrient requirement. It also offers the addtiona benefits which reduced labour, high crop quality and reduced environmental impact. 



Agromaster Hi N | 5-6M

Hi N | 5-6M


Agromaster 20-4.4-8.3+2.4Mg is a partially coated NPK controlled release fertilizer designed for medium to long-term crops. It has enough nutrients to feed the plant throughout its 5 – 6 month crop cycle. This continuous supply of nutrients creates a fantastic uniform crop growth.

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Agromaster Hi K | 5-6M

Hi K | 5-6M


Agromaster Hi K 16-3.5-13.3+3Mg+6.4S is a coated NPK controlled release fertilizer. Extra magnesium is included to enhance photosynthesis and plant energy. The combination of both coating technologies ensures enough nutrients to feed the crop for 5-6 months. This continuous supply of nutrients creates a marvelous uniform growth.

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14-5-15-16S+2Ca+0.6Mg | 2-3M

Max | 2-3M

Complete nutrition with controlled release nitrogen. Providing enhanced crop efficiencies.

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