Trace elements

Deficiencies under control!

MicroMax WS is a range of premium water soluble fertilizers which are used in agriculture and horticulture to prevent and control deficiencies.
It is equally efficient when applied by fertigation and by foliar spray and can be used in a wide variety of crops, like cereals, vegetables, flowers and fruit-trees.
The Micromax WS products are easy to use and tank mixable.

Micromax Micromax WS TE Mix

Micromax WS TE Mix


MicroMax WS TE is a premium fully water-soluble trace element mix, consisting of all major trace-elements (TE), whereby all cationic ones are present in chelated form.

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Micromax WS Iron EDDHA-Chelated FE

WS Iron EDDHA-Chelated FE

6% Fe

MicroMax WS Iron is a premium fully water-soluble fertilizer, consisting of EDDHA-chelated iron plus X3, a specific biostimulant that enhances the absorption of the Fe-chelate compound into plant leaves resulting in optimum uptake by a large variety of crops.

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