Golf courses, sportsfields & landscape


We offer a vast range of high-quality grass seed and fertilizers, all which make golf greens faster, sports fields stronger and parks greener.

Through continuous research and development, using the best technology available, ICL has an answer to whatever demands you have.

Mineral fertilizers

As the world leader in fertilizer manufacturing, ICL has a vast range of solutions to deliver outstanding results.

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Liquid nutrients

ICL offers liquid nutritional products as a great alternative to our equally impressive granular fertilizers.

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Wetting agents

Wetting agents are made up of surfactant (surface-active agent) technology. They are a large number of compounds which cause a physical change to the surface of a liquid thereby aiding water penetration into the soil.

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Bio stimulants

Bio-stimulants offered by ICL assist with delivering much needed nutrients to the root zone area during stressful situations.

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Landscape products

With ICL’ landscaping products, not only will the lawn look beautiful, but it will be practical and able to withstand wear and tear

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Plant protection & control

ICL provides Plant Protection Products as the responsible solution to controlling weeds, insect and disease situations. These products are cost-effective answers to often recurring problems. All Plant Protection Products offered by ICL are of the highest standard in environmental, health and safety requirements.

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Product application

Spreaders that are reliable and efficient are a crucial part of a turf manager’s inventory. In order to get the best results from your fertilizer it is crucial to apply it accurately.

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