Bio stimulants

A biostimulant is any substance or microgorganism applied to turf and plants in the landscape with the aim to enhance the efficiency of uptake of nutrition, nutrient use efficiency in the plant, improve stress tolerance, promotion of plant induced stress inhibitors and increase turf and/or plant quality traits such as improved root growth. ICL’s Vitalnova range along with specific products in other brands such as WSF Seaweed and Sierraform GT Cal Mag all contain Biostimulants and/or microrganisms. Biostimulants cover an array of different categories including: 

  • Microbial inoculants 
  • Inorganics – non nutrient 
  • Seaweed extracts 
  • Amino acids & peptides 
  • Humates (Humic and Fulvic acids) 
  • Carbohydrates/sugars, and; 
  • Others including: Chitosans, Plant Hormones, anti-transpirants, vitamins, organic acids and osmo-regulants. 


How do Bio Stimulants work?  

Rigorous testing both by ICL and independent researchers of ICL’s VitalNova range along with other ICL Turf and Landscape Biostimulants have shown to offer specific functions to turfgrass. All products are also registered EC Fertilizers and so contain macro nutrients . 


VitalNova Blade has shown to increase root mass up to 40%, increase the levels of beneficial soil bacteria by up to 50% and stimulate root dwelling microbes, consequently improving nutrient uptake of the turfgrass plant. (Read more about the research on the VitalNova range/Vitalnova Blade here) 


VitalNova Stressbuster increases colour and density from the nitrogen and iron in the product. It also contains amino acids along with surfactants for improved application and uptake of the product into the turfgrass plant as well as proven benefits in aiding the turfgrasses tolerance to temperature (heat and cold) stresses. VitalNova Stressbuster also contains sugars to activate soil biology. (Read more about the research on VitalNova Stressbuster here – insert link to Sam’s article which will be put in on the Lake Karinyup research on the new website) 


VitalNova AminoBoost has shown to allow efficient uptake of nutrients when the turfgrass plant is going through stressful conditions, particularly summer heat stress.  

VitalNova Silk has been designed to help increase leaf and stem strength to increase wear tolerance and improve a cleaner cut of the turfgrass when mowing. This product has also shown to be an important part of an integrated turf management (iTurf approach). (insert link to iTurf and iTurf research here) 


VitalNova Seaweed and WSF Seaweed contain a highly concentrated seaweed extract of Atlantic Kelp - Ascophyllum nodosum. Extensive research on these products has shown that they enhance turfgrass root development, improve colour and quality of turfgrass, pre-condition turf to stress and promote the turfgrass plant to inhibit feeding of plant parasitic nematodes. (Read more about the research on VitalNova Seaweed and WSF Seaweed here – insert link to articles on seaweed research on the new website) 


What to consider when deciding the best time to apply Bio Stimulants?  

Here at ICL we promote the responsible and appropriate use of products. Biostimulant use for turf and landscape should form part of an integrated programme (iTurf) (insert link to iTurf here). In doing so biostimulants are part of a suite of products to deliver a healthy turf or plants in the landscape. If you are experiencing plant stresses at your facility or want to improve efficacy of other nutritional products applied in your program then ICL’s biostimulants in the VitalNova range and WSF Seaweed are a great addition to any program. 

Vitalnova Blade



Vitalnova Blade is a proven liquid biostimulant used to boost microbial activity in soil and encourage rooting.

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Vitalnova Stressbuster


Vitalnova Stressbuster is a unique liquid formulation designed to pre-condition turf against stress and to help generate quick recovery from stress.

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Vitalnova SILK


Vitalnova SILK has a potassium silicate formulation designed for leaf and stem cell strengthening.

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Vitalnova AminoBoost


Vitalnova AminoBoost is a liquid fertilizer containing Amino Acids designed for foliar feeding in the summer.

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