Bio stimulants


Bio Stimulants


These stresses can be caused by heat, drought or disease; removing certain nutrients from the soil, or limiting the nutrient uptake from the roots to the plant. ICL introduces bio-stimulants which stimulate soil activity, resulting in better availability of nutritional elements for the plant. This allows the turf to quickly recover from stress and encourage better root growth.


Vitalnova Blade



Vitalnova Blade is a proven liquid biostimulant used to boost microbial activity in soil and encourage rooting.

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Vitalnova Stressbuster


Vitalnova Stressbuster is a unique liquid formulation designed to pre-condition turf against stress and to help generate quick recovery from stress.

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Vitalnova SILK


Vitalnova SILK has a potassium silicate formulation designed for leaf and stem cell strengthening.

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Vitalnova AminoBoost


Vitalnova AminoBoost is a liquid fertilizer containing Amino Acids designed for foliar feeding in the summer.

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