Liquid nutrients


Liquid Nutrients


These products are made mainly for turfgrass that is already established. A great advantage of liquid nutrition is it offers a much quicker release of nutrients than granular fertilizers. This can quickly correct any nutritional shortcomings. Liquid nutrition also allows for immediate plant uptake, delivering incredibly fast results. ICL offers reliable liquid nutritional products in the Greenmaster Liquid product range.



Greenmaster Liquid High N

High N


Greenmaster Liquid High N has a high Nitrogen content to deliver a fast initial effect.

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Greenmaster Liquid Step



Greenmaster Liquid STEP Liquid can be applied all year round but is best used during periods of active growth. It is great to correct any nutrient imbalances in the turf.

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Greenmaster Liquid High K

High K


Greenmaster Liquid High K can be used before or during stressful conditions. The low Nitrogen and Phosphorous levels maintain low growth and promote good rooting.

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Greenmaster Liquid High NK

High NK


Greenmaster Liquid NK is a balanced NK fertilizer that contains no P and is ideal to use between spring and autumn. Its NK ratio regulates turf growth and strengthens the sward.

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Greenmaster Liquid Spring & Summer

Spring & Summer


Greenmaster Liquid Spring & Summer is ideal to use during main growing periods. It has a complete NPK formula to allow feeding during the main growing season with no excess growth.

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Greenmaster Liquid Effect Iron Fe

Effect Iron Fe

6.3% Fe

Greenmaster Liquid Effect Iron Fe can be used throughout the growing season. It delivers a green-up within 3 hours and can last up to 6 weeks.

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