Mineral fertilizers


Mineral Fertilizers


Turf Managers across the globe trust ICL products to deliver outstanding results. Our comprehensive range of turf and amenity fertilizers provides the highest quality nutrition for turf that performs well, is healthy, resilient and looks good. Our unique, cutting edge, controlled release and slow release technologies deliver nutrients accurately and efficiently.



ProTurf is offered by ICL to professional turf growers and managers around the world.

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Sierrablen Plus

SierrablenPlus sets the standards for turf grass nutrition as it features Poly-S and PACE technology.

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Sierrablen products offer a variety of granular controlled release fertilizers.

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Sierraform GT

SierraformGT is an advanced slow release fertilizer that combines slow release Nitrogen and Potassium for strength and resilience, plus slow release Silica and trace elements in each granule.

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Sportsmaster CRF

Sportmaster CRF is a controlled release fertilizer range of products with 2 to 3 months longevity that contain normal size granules.

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