Greenmaster Pro-Lite


Greenmaster Pro-Lite


It is well known for its delivery of high-quality fine turf nutrition based on a compound granule from ICL's advanced Pro-Lite technology.

Pro-Lite improves the effectiveness of fertilizers while enhancing the performance of root zones. This provides a more consistent supply of nutrients to the turf for better performance, longevity and color response.
Greenmaster Pro-Lite has longevity of 6 weeks and is recommended for greens, tees, fairways and sports fields.


Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start

Cold Start


Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start formulation of readily available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium helps kick-start spring recovery growth.

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Greenmaster Pro-Lite Double K

Double K


Greenmaster Pro-Lite Double K has a low nitrogen, high potassium formulation. It is ideal for turf strengthening throughout the year.

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Greenmaster Pro-Lite Invigorator Plus

Invigorator Plus


New formulation granular turf hardener with higher iron and potassium for improved colour response.

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Greenmaster Pro-Lite NK



Greenmaster Pro-Lite NK is perfect for use between spring and late summer in Potassium deficient situations.

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Greenmaster Pro-Lite Spring & Summer

Spring & Summer


Greenmaster Pro-Lite Spring & Summer maintains strong growth levels and enhances turf colour during the spring and summer.

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Greenmaster Pro-Lite Zero Phosphate

Zero Phosphate


Greenmaster Pro-Lite Zero Phosphate 14-0-10+3MgO is ideal for use during the main growth periods of the season. Its high Potassium content will harden the turf in stressful summer or winter conditions.

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