Sportsmaster CRF


Sportsmaster CRF


Each granule contains a proportionate combination of coated and uncoated Nitrogen components. Some analyses within Sportmaster CRF contain controlled release Phosphorous and Potassium. This is to stimulate growth of the roots and to strengthen the leaf blades over extended periods of time. The Sportmaster CRF range is ideal for turfgrass area’s that are cut above 12mm.
When looking for 2 – 3 months longevity, comparing Sportmaster CRF to conventional fertilizers, it is the best choice especially as it helps to keep a longer lasting green color on the turfgrass.


Sportsmaster CRF CRF High N

CRF High N


Sportsmaster CRF High N (2 – 3 months) is a combination of controlled release technology and compound granular fertilizers; even growth with no surges. Part of the fertilizer is uncoated allowing for an immediate response.

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