Wetting agents


Wetting Agents


ICL has been providing wetting agents to turf managers for the last two decades in order to resolve the problem of Dry Patch. Recently there have been numerous advancements in the development of wetting agents to make them more effective and safer.

The newest editions in the wetting agent market have proven to be more curative and remedial for the control over Dry Patch. ICL’ wetting agents also offer excellent water conservation and have adjustable times for application. 

H2Pro TriSmart


TriSmart is designed for quality turf areas, its unique triple-active formulation provides great control over your moisture management.

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H2Pro DewSmart


H2Pro DewSmart is a newly formulated dew dispersant product for turf grass areas. It is designed to prevent or reduce the formation of dew on the grass leaf.

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H2Pro  FlowSmart


FlowSmart is designed as the next generation penetrant wetting agent for the industry.

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H2Pro AquaSmart


AquaSmart is an outfield wetting agent designed for a low rate of application and so provides a cost-effective programme.

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H2Pro Conserve Tablet

Conserve Tablet

H2Pro Conserve Tablet is a hose-end applied wetting agent for effective hand watering. H2Pro Conserve Tablet is especially effective for the treatment of localised Dry spot and for helping to reduce overall irrigation requirement.

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Hydraflo Hydraflo L

Hydraflo L

Hydraflo L is a liquid soil wetting agent that is safe to use on delicate ornamental flowering plants.

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Hydraflo Hydraflo 2

Hydraflo 2

Hydraflo 2 is a highly effective dual-action (both immediate and long-term) granular wetting agent.


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