Osmocote Exact DCT

Taking fertilizers to a higher level

Osmocote Exact DCT, based on Dual Coating Technology, sets the new standard with its fourth generation of coated fertilizer featuring programmed release. With this revolutionary product the start of the nutrient release is postponed until a later predetermined time.
Dual Coating Technology means a second coating of a different composition is wrapped around an Osmocote Exact granule. This second coating affects the start up of the nutrient release so that it does not commence until after two to three months. This new release pattern is the perfect solution for growing circumstances under which it used to be impossible to feed the plants completely with coated fertilizers.

Osmocote Exact Hi.End

Osmocote Exact Hi.End is a high-tech fertilizer with Dual Coating Technology. Osmocote Exact Hi.End is an excellent choice for growers cultivating plants with an increased nutrient demand in the second growing phase.

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Osmocote Exact Protect

Osmocote Exact Protect is a programmed release fertilizer in Osmocote’s fourth-generation range. These products feature Dual Coating Technology. It is intended for the northern European climate zone and is specifically designed for potting of outside container nursery plants.

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