Osmocote Exact Protect

Osmocote Exact Protect

Osmocote Exact Protect is a programmed release fertilizer in Osmocote’s fourth-generation range of products. These products feature Dual Coating Technology that delays the second delivery of nutrients until after two to three months. Osmocote Exact Protect can be applied at full rate, meaning all the nutrients are saved until the plant is able to take them up. What’s more, additional topdress applications in the spring are usually not required. 

Osmocote Exact Protect is intended for use from November to mid-January. No nutrients are released during winter. It is intended for the northern European climate zone and is specifically designed for potting of outside container nursery plants.
Application of Osmocote Exact Protect results in considerable production cost savings and perfect quality plants.

Osmocote Exact Protect 12-14M

Protect 12-14M


Osmocote Exact Protect has been especially developed for autumn pottings of nursery stock in the period of mid October until mid January. Application of Osmocote Exact Protect is ideal for i.e. conifers and roses, bare rooted plant material / grafted material in autumn/winter pottings.

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