Plant protection & control

Plant Protection Products of ICL are responsible solution to controlling weeds, insect and disease situations. These products are cost-effective answers to often recurring problems. All Plant Protection Products offered by ICL are of the highest standard in environmental, health and safety requirements.

Thanks to continuous, successful partnerships, ICL is able to create solutions for most customers’ unsuspecting needs. Whether by innovating new formulas, Active-ingredient releases, or integrated crop management programs, ICL continues to meet and exceed clients’ demands.

Providing long-term, protective solutions to growers/managers that do not require multiple applications is a top priority at ICL. That is why ICL continuously innovates and delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions.


ICL Specialty Fertilizers incorporates both biological and chemical technologies for soil and growing media applications. These technologies provide solutions which have longevity of up to several months.

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ICL Specialty Fertilizers develops ground-breaking technologies that allow fungicides to be properly incorporated into the soil and growing media for several months protection. These solutions usually do not require multiple applications.

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ICL delivers incredible solutions engineered for specific crops that provide an amazing pre-emergence effect.

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