Topdress & incorporation

Slow release fertilizers

ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ slow release fertilizers deliver proven high-quality performance. Our slow release fertilizers are based on the principle of nitrogen chains breaking down gradually over time.
Nitrogen components break down slowly through temperature, water and microbe activity in the growing medium before they are available for plant uptake. And only after this has occurred are all the other nutritional components made available as nutrition. This creates a slow release of the fertilizer.

Osmocote Topdress FT 4-5M

Topdress FT 4-5M


Osmocote Topdress FT is a coated fertilizer that is specially developed for topdress applications in container nursery stock. It contains Fusion Technology: a special component that makes the product stick onto the growing medium after application. This means no granules are lost if the pots are blown over.

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Top-dress fertiliser with Ca & Mg


GreenFix is a balanced NPK top dress fertilizer.  It contains a blend of coated nitrogen and uncoated nitrogen for a quick greening effect, as well as phosphorus and potassium for up to eight weeks. GreenFix also contains a unique, natural mineral called Polysulphate® providing prolonged availability of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulphur.  

GreenFix is ideal for the quick greening and re-fertilisation of containerised nursery stock whilst providing a calcium and magnesium recharge to the growing media.

PolysulphateTM and device is a trade mark of ICL Fertilizers. 

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Osmoform NXT



Osmoform NXT is based on the new granulation technology SILK (silica based) which includes slow release nitrogen and potassium. The slow release K is embedded in a 3 dimensional matrix, which slowly dissolves during time.
Osmoform contains NPK, magnesium and a package of trace elements. The nitrogen composition is balanced to have quick plant reaction after application and a long lasting effect afterwards. Osmoform NXT contains 1.2 - 2.8 mm granules.

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Osmoform 38N (High N) is a slow release fertilizer. The working principle is not based on a coating around the granules like with Osmocote, but on long nitrogen chains breaking down slowly. This process is influenced by temperature, microbiological activity and humidity.

Osmoform 38N (High N) contains purely nitrogen. The nitrogen composition is balanced to have quick plant reaction after application and a long lasting effect afterwards.

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Start & Gro Start&Gro



Start&Gro is the starter fertilizer offered  by ICL Specialty Fertilizers for potted, bedding and all container nursery plants. Start&Gro is designed to be premixed in the substrate to fertilize crops for the first weeks of the cultivation.  

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