Peters Excel CalMag

With calcium and magnesium, for soft water

 “CalMag” administers a continuous supply of calcium and magnesium, which is missing in soft water systems. It is also extremely reliable due to its composition of raw ingredients and chelated trace elements. This provides for healthy colour and optimum growth. It contains M-77 technology, allowing for maximum absorbability of nutrients.

Peters Excel products feature unique formulations that make it possible to deliver complete plant nutrition using only a single-concentrate stock tank that takes into account the quality of water irrigation. This provides great advantages, including much lower labour and overall costs. All Peters Excel products are completely water soluble, keeping your emitters clean.

Peters Excel CalMag Grower

CalMag Grower


Special formulation for use with soft water. The N:K ratio is aimed at growth.

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Peters Excel CalMag Finisher

CalMag Finisher


Peters Excel CalMag Finisher is often used as a follow-up fertilizer to Peters Excel CalMag Grower 15-5-15. Its high potassium formula leads to a more compact growth. This Peters Excel product is a ‘single-tank mix’ solution providing plants with all the necessary nutrients from a single tank.

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