Peters Professional

State-of-the-art formulas for top quality plants

Peters Professional fertilizers are the world’s leading 100% water-soluble fertilizers.
Thanks to its exclusive M-77 chelating formula, Peters Professional assures that nutrients and trace elements remain readily available for fast and easy uptake. M-77 “unlocks” the rooting area, allowing an effective increase in the absorption of nutrients.
Whether choosing Peters Professional as a standard fertilizer or as a solution to a particular problem, rest assured it will always deliver a comprehensive fertilization plan to meet your needs.

Peters Professional Combi Sol

Combi Sol


Peters Professional Combi-Sol is the ideal solution for application in combination with calcium nitrate (using the two-tank system). It has modified higher levels of trace elements for perfect results, even after dilution. Peters Professional Combi-Sol can also be used as a complete fertilizer. The product has an N:K ratio of 1:6 for compact plant growth. It is ideal when the irrigation water contains high levels of nitrogen.

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Peters Professional Blossom Booster

Blossom Booster


Peters Professional Blossom Booster is a powerful analysis, designed to stimulate the development of flower buds. Its high phosphates levels and the N:K ratio of 1:2 make Peters Professional Blossom Booster the ideal product for bud formation and development.

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Peters Professional Plant Starter

Plant Starter


Peters Professional Plant Starter is the ideal start fertilizer for better and more uniform rooting. It has an NPK ratio with a high phosphate level. Peters Professional Plant Starter can also be used to stimulate the development of flower buds.

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Peters Professional Pot Plant Special

Pot Plant Special


Peters Professional Pot Plant Special is the ideal fertilizer for the cultivation of flowering pot plants and bedding plants. The N:K ratio of 1:2 ensures a good color and controlled growth. Plant growth can be managed extremely well with this formulation. The 15-11-29 composition contains a relatively high proportion of fast absorbing nitrate nitrogen.

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Peters Professional Winter Grow Special

Winter Grow Special


Peters Professional Winter Grow Special is ideal for use in dull weather conditions and at lower temperatures. It contains a lot of fast-absorbing nitrate nitrogen for quick effects. This product is ideal for application when growth is desired in the winter.

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Peters Professional Allrounder



Peters Professional Allrounder is a growth-increasing formula with broad application possibilities. It is a balanced NPK formulation which contains urea and is therefore particularly suitable for use in the spring and summer. Peters Professional Allrounder is a foliar feed.

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Peters Professional Foliar Feed

Foliar Feed


A foliar feed can offer a solution when absorption of nutrition by the roots is not ideal. The Peters Professional range features a perfect foliar feed: Peters Professional Foliar Feed 27-15-12. Its high urea content and the specifically modified complement of trace elements, makes this product the ideal foliar feed for the cultivation of pot and bedding plants.

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