Universol Hard Water

Powerful solutions for hard water

Universol sets the standard for water-soluble fertilizers for potted, bedding and all container nursery plants. Universol products feature the unique “Bright Solution System”. This system is made up of carefully selected ingredients that ensure the highest quality, distinctive results and a clean irrigation system. Universol products are universally recognised for their reliability and great value for money. ICL Specialty Fertilizers brings you two powerful solutions for hard water conditions.

Universol Hard Water 211

Hard Water 211


Universol Hard Water 211 is developed for application in hard irrigation water, with high levels of bicarbonate. With an N:K ratio of 2:1, it is ideal for plants requiring high amounts of nitrogen during the early growth stage (e.g. foliar plants). Universol Hard Water 211 acidifies the irrigation water and neutralizes bicarbonate. 

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Universol Hard Water 225

Hard Water 225


Universol Hard Water 225 is developed for application in hard irrigation water. It promotes compact growth in flowering plants and is ideal for hardening off plants. Universol Hard Water 225 acidifies the irrigation water and neutralizes bicarbonate. The N:K ratio of 2:5 means this product can be used in combination with water containing high nitrogen levels and with nitrogen fertilizers (e.g. Nitric acid). 

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