Wetting Agent

Wetting Agent for Nursery Use

Wetting Agent for Nursery Use

A wetting agent, also called surfactant, increases the adsorption of  water into media and soil. Wetting agents achieve this by reducing the surface tension of water, which allows it to spread more easily.  The main purpose of a wetting agent is to increase the absorption and spread of water, which can dramatically improve the effectiveness of irrigation applications and rainfall.  

In ornamental plants and turf, the addition of a wetting agent to either the irrigation water or to the media has several tangible benefits. Wetting agents can: 

  • Increase plant and turf uniformity by improving plant access to moisture; 
  • Improve plant health;
  • Improve the efficiency of irrigation applications and even reduce the amount of irrigation required;
  • Assist with drainage in waterlogged soils; 
  • Reduce the need to hand water dry spots in turf.

Extensive research has shown that potted nursery plants grow faster and are of higher quality when wetting agents are used. Trials in turf have shown improvements in colour and overall quality and uniformity, even with lower irrigation rates.

Hydraflo L 
Hydraflo L is a highly effective liquid wetting agent that aids the rewetting of soils and growing media in dry summer periods, eliminates localised dry spots and increases the uniformity of wetting throughout the soil profile.  

By allowing better water penetration and absorption, Hydraflo L helps plants to grow deeper, stronger roots. It also encourages free drainage from waterlogged soils and growing media in winter and during heavy rainfall. This inhibits surface moss, algae growth and soil borne pathogens. When waterlogged soils and potting media drain, air is allowed into the root zone which enhances root health. 

Hydraflo 2 
Hydraflo 2 is comprised of easy-to-use granules that can be mixed through growing media, topdressed or applied with a spreader. Like Hydraflo L, Hydraflo 2 will provide the perfect balance of air and water in the root zone, resulting in higher quality and healthier plants. The convenient granules deliver an immediate effect on water adsorption and a rapid plant response.

Hydraflo 2’s dual-action technology allows for impressive nursery, turf and landscaping results.

Ionic v Non-ionic wetting agents 

Hydraflo L and Hydraflo 2 are both non-ionic wetting agents that are soft on plant roots. Hydraflo provides a high level of safety on fine root hairs, even with sensitive crops.


ICL have conducted many nursery and turf trials on wetting agents including Hydraflo. Click here to read more. 


Hydraflo Hydraflo L

Hydraflo L

Hydraflo L is a liquid soil wetting agent that is safe to use on delicate ornamental flowering plants.

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Hydraflo Hydraflo 2

Hydraflo 2

Hydraflo 2 is a highly effective dual-action (both immediate and long-term) granular wetting agent.


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