ICL Internet Security Alert

29 October 2020
  • Whastsapp

Dear ICL Customer,

ICL has become aware of the creation of a domain impersonating ICL, ICL-GROUP.ORG, initiated in Nigeria through a company in the United States. There is also involvement of a web hosting company is Latvia.

Although ICL has blocked incoming emails from this domain, your company may receive such messages. ICL’s legitimate domain is ICL-GROUP.COM, not ICL-GROUP.ORG. If you receive any email from ICL-GROUP.ORG please do not respond, and let us know by sending a note to ICL’s Chief Information Security Officer, Deto Hasson, at [email protected]. If you keep a list of blocked domain names please add ICL-GROUP.ORG to your list.

Please note as well that ICL does not request changes to its bank account information by email.

We appreciate your support and willingness to work with us to stop internet fraud.

Thank you and best regards.