Pot plants

The Peters Professional range has been providing the very best in pot plant nutrition for over sixty years. Our Osmocote Exact controlled release fertilizers are highly suitable for pot plants thanks to their safety and consistency. This state-of-the-art fertilizer range features patterned release for both efficiency and environmental-friendliness. The powerful Universol range completes the package with special solutions for hard and soft water. The Peters Professional range builds on six decades of excellence to stay at the forefront of advanced fertilizer development.

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Peters Professional Pot Plant Special

Peters Professional Pot Plant Special


Peters Professional Pot Plant Special is the ideal fertilizer for the cultivation of flowering pot plants and bedding plants. The N:K ratio of 1:2 ensures a good color and controlled growth. Plant growth can be managed extremely well with this formulation. The 15-11-29 composition contains a relatively high proportion of fast absorbing nitrate nitrogen.

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