Hydraflo Hydraflo 2

Hydraflo 2

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Hydraflo 2 is comprised of easy-to-use granules which provide the perfect balance of air and water, resulting in higher-quality and healthier plants. The convenient granules deliver an immediate response as a top dress application. 

Hydraflo 2’s dual-action technology allows for improved and impressive nursery, turf and landscaping results.

Product Advantages

  • Encourages free drainage of water-logged soils & rewetting of dry soils
  • Creates an ideal balance of air and water that results in healthier, higher quality plants
  • Encourages deeper, stronger roots
  • Easily applied as a topdress or incorporated in soil mix
  • Inhibits the growth of moss, algae and soil borne pathogens
  • Safe for use on all ornamental plants including turfgrasses


Direction for use

Nursery potting soils applications method:
Hydraflo 2 is an ideal additive to both peat and wood waste based nursery potting media, to aid in rewetting or dried mixes and drainage in waterlogged mixes.


Application rate

For general nursery and greenhouse potting mixes- incorporate at the rate of 1kg per cubic metre of soil.

For propagation and plug mixes- incorporate at the rate of 0.3kg oer cubic metre of soil.

For turf application- Season long at 20-25g/m2 and Bi-montly at 10-15g/m2 with 4-6mm water.

Download SDS

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Hydraflo 2 is a highly effective dual-action (both immediate and long-term) granular wetting agent.