One application controls 65 weeds* for up to three months.

Rout Rout

  • Advantages

Rout has eliminated weeding problems for over 25 years, providing confidence that valuable nutrients are being delivered directly to your plants and not wasted on weeds. Your plants will be stronger, healthier and greener. Rout has broad control combining the action of two proven herbicides in one granule. One application controls 65* weeds for up to three months.

  • The most cost-effective herbicide on the market
  • Broad control, controlling five times as many weed species as its main competitor#
  • Save time and money – the correct use of Rout drastically reduces the need to hand weed containers & garden beds
  • Easy to apply with an Everris spreader or free shaker available from your local Everris distributor.

#Competitor formulation Active Constituent – Oxadiazon 20g/kg.

*For a full list, please refer to product label or from Horticultural Ornimental Product Guide Download here.

Rout is a safe, effective and economical pre-emergent herbicide that controls a broad spectrum of broad leaf and grassy weeds.