H2Flo H2Flo


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Root Activator
  • Directions for use
  • Significantly reduces irrigation requirements
  • Can be used in conjunction with fertilizers
  • Works quickly with all substrates
  • Effective through the substrate and not just at the surface
  • Excellent spreading and penetration characteristics
  • Flexible application programmesand flexible water rates
  • High strength product, contains 88% surfactant for superior performance

H2Flo is a wetting and water conservation agent for use with soil. It enables quick and total wetting of the substrate and soils and moves water both vertically and horizontally due to its unique 3D technology. The amount of irrigation is reduced and there is less runoff, especially during the initial wetting.

The product can be applied as an initial wetter and also during the normal fertigation cycle where it will also aid the movement of fertilizers throughout the substrate therefore balancing the EC levels. It is also excellent at preventing the hardening of water repellent deposits. H2Flo contains a root hair activator that helps produce stronger roots and aids plant establishment.

Root Activator
  • Root Activator stimulates root production leading to a greater root mass.
  • Plants treated with Root Activator show increases in both secondary rooting and root hair number in comparison to untreated roots.
  • Root Activator combines plant Biostimulants and surfactants that work synergistically to promote increased root mass.
  • Root Activator helps to give an optimum air and water balance in the root zone.
  • Untreated gave an average of 22 root hairs per cm of root whereas Root Activator treated roots had an average of 236 root hairs per cm of root.
Directions for use

Application methods
Drip, Centre Pivot, Overhead Irrigation, Boom Sprayer and Knapsack Sprayer.


Pre planting / Wetting up of growing media 1.2 - 2.4 LITRES 1000 - 2000 LITRES
Initial application in crop 1.2 - 2.4 LITRES 1000 - 2000 LITRES
Monthly in crop 0.6 - 1.2 LITRES 1000 LITRES

H2Flo’s blend of soil surfactants work to reduce the surface tension of irrigation water allowing both vertical and lateral movement of water. This allows growers to maximise the efficacy of irrigation, reduce water rates and improve yields.