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  • An enormous increase in the size and numbers of citrus fruits
  • Improved overall crop quality
  • Better and faster penetration of nutritional macro- and meso-elements
  • Designated trace element package
  • Requires less volume of spray, lowers the nutrient cost per hectare
  • Results last up to 4 weeks

The Nutrivant product range consists of fully soluble formulations that contain macro- and micro-nutrients that exactly cover the crop’s every need. The formulations are designed for big area and arable crops. The included trace element mix covers the nutritional needs in both macro and trace-elements. The FertiVant technology ensures the uptake of all these valuable minerals. Foliar feeds from the Nutrivant line fit into your fertilization program; they are chloride free and fully soluble.

Directions for use

For early development stage:

Citrus: spray at a rate of 3% on closed flower buds in a single spraying at 2-4 weeks before bloom.

Vegetables and field crops: spray at a rate of 2% at intervals of 14 days. 

Nutrivant Starter is used in early development stage. Crop quality is improved and there is a phenomenal increase in the fruit yield.