Pre-emergent weed control for up to six months.

10kg buckets

Sierraron 4G

Granular Herbicide

  • Advantages
  • Application
  • Directions for use
  • Eliminates most annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • A single application provides season-long weed control
  • Easy to apply ready to use granular formulation
  • Active ingredient binds strongly to the soil, minimising the potential for run-off or leaching
  • As long as soil is present Sierraron goes to work after watering in. 

Sierraron 4G is an extra resource for weed control to be used in conjunction with current weed management systems. Sierraron extends yours weeding effort- simply weed, and then apply Sierraron for 6 months protection from weed growth.

It should be noted that Sierraron is not ideal for every situation. As Sierraron works close to the surface, it has little or no impact on deep-rooted and established trees, however Sierraron should not be used near young, recently planted or shallow-rooted plants and shrubs.

Ideally, it should be applied in Autumn, Winter and early Spring when lower temperature conditions assist in Sierraron's effectiveness. 

Directions for use

Please refer to product label for more information. 

Sierraron is a proven pre-emergent weed controller that continues working for up to six months. Sierraron is recommended for use on such areas as fence lines, playing field perimeters, parks, paths and playgrounds.