Trial results Agroleaf Liquid Balance Potato

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Agroleaf Liquid Balance in Potato 

Key conclusions

  • Due to F3 SurfActive technology, the efficiency of foliar feeding is improved when using Agroleaf Liquid range
  • Even though the same level of nutrients were applied as foliar feeding, Agroleaf Liquid Balance increased the marketable yield of tuber bigger than 65 mm by 3.73MT/ha
  • This provided a positive Return On Investment of about 40 euro/ha
General information
Testing the efficiency of the F3 SurfActive technology within the Agroleaf Liquid range compared to conventional liquid fertilizers applied as a foliar feeding.
Trial station
Independent trial station, UK
Potato / Markies
Application method: 
Foliar / Boom sprayer
Grower Practice – Conventional liquid fertilizer | 10-10-10+TE (without F3 SurfActive technology)
Agroleaf Liquid – Agroleaf Liquid Balance | 10-10-10+TE (including F3 SurfActive technology)
Timing and dosages, for each treatment:
Dosage /application – 6 l /300 l of water Timing – tuber initiation, stem length 30 cm, flowering
Gross yield / Marketable yield, Tuber size distribution
Agroleaf Liquid Balance is a high quality liquid NPK foliar fertilizer providing balanced nutrition. Agroleaf Liquid contains a unique, ICL owned, technology increasing the efficiency of each foliar application: F3 SurfActive
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