AngelaWeb - Precision nutrition at your fingertips

Containing over 900 individual recommendations, tailored to specific Ornamental as well as fruit and vegetable crops, AngelaWeb 2.0 takes in to account the crop type, variety, growing media and growth phase to display the specific nutritional demands. By inputting information regarding the water source and how it is applied, and selecting the fertilizer products of choice, AngelaWeb 2.0 calculates a regime tailored to the exact needs of the crop. 

  • Designed by the experts in precision nutrition for professionals
  • Helps ensure the crop gets exactly what it requires
  • Set to play a key role helping growers comply with the new water
  • framework directive 
  • Maximise your crop yields
  • No more nutrient wastage
  • Increase productivity
  • Save precious management time

Saving you time, money and helping the environment

While some find manually calculating crop nutrition programmes for different crop stages somewhat daunting, it can also be time consuming, AngelaWeb 2.0 looks to save precious management time and decrease any errors in nutrient calculations.

With the rising price of mineral raw materials and transport costs, fertilizer is a significant input cost. Apply too little and crop quality/yield suffers, apply too much and money is wasted, the environment suffers and growers may fall foul of the new water framework directive.

AngelaWeb At Work

Customer A’s current practice is to mix a standard 2 Kg 5-6m and 2Kg 12-14m but is not getting results he wants.

• Visit by ICL Technical Area Sales Manager - Poor growth and rooting seen.
• ICL Technical Area Sales Manager takes water and growing media samples and  sends to the Lab for a full analysis report.
• Results are fed in to Angelweb providing a complete nutrient solution for your crop.
• ICL do not recommend mixing longevities of CRF and the growers poor results show why.

How it works...

Web based, AngelaWeb 2.0 is straightforward to operate and apply. First the crop, including the variety, as well as growing media type and growth phase is selected. From this the crop’s specific nutritional demands are displayed as well as the option to create Controlled Release Fertilizer simulations.

The next step involves inputting data from a detailed analysis of the water source and how it is to be applied. Next, by selecting from a list of ‘straights’ or water soluble fertilizers, the software calculates a fertilizer regime. In support of this, it generates a graph showing the percentage of the plants nutritional needs being fulfilled at each growth stage, as well as the EC level.

As the season progresses if certain elements changes, such as the water source, the existing data can be retrieved and changes quickly made.

The software, having made the necessary tweaks and adjustments to the fertilizer programme, produces new print outs and reports.

Giving your crops what they need?

Many factors impact on plant quality and correct nutrition is among the most important. It not only has a key role to play in preventing plant diseases, but is vital to healthy growth and, where appropriate, crop yield - therefore ultimately its financial performance.

Plants need the correct nutrients depending on the growth stage, the growing media and its pH and Electrical Conductivity (EC). Water quality is another key parameter and on many nurseries can change through the season when switching between different water sources. How it is applied to crop also has an impact.