Ornamental Horticulture

Innovative technology, specialty solutions and expert advice

ICL Specialty Fertilizer’s ornamental horticulture range leads the way in innovative technology that results in advanced solutions and the highest quality fertilizers.
We have developed powerful controlled release and water soluble fertilizers including state-of-the-art brands Osmocote® and Peters®. Our Osmocote® Plus line of products is recognized by professional growers as the leading complete control release fertilizer that delivers optimum results.

All of ICL Specialty Fertilizers formulations for ornamental horticulture share one thing in common: they provide precisely what plants need to flourish. Our team of dedicated technical experts ensure your fertilization plan is tailored to match your production system and your crop's nutritional needs.


Designed for incorporation in general nursery and greenhouse production. Use in combination with Micromax Micronutrients for optimal results. Osmocote® products provide proven, reliable performance.

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Osmocote® Plus Standard

Standard products deliver a steady source of nutrition throughout the growth cycle—recommended for general purpose use; spring canning; short-term propagation; base feed in a combination Coated Fertilizer/Liquid Feed program.

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Osmocote® Blends - Resin

These products are created by blending our plant resin coated nutrient cores with other ingredients. The most common blends are with micronutrient granules, uncoated nutrient cores or some of our other coated nutrients.

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Osmocote® Blends - E-Max

E-Max is our newest proprietary coating. It’s introduction has allowed us to coat things that could not be coated with our plant resin. Coated Urea, Potash, Calcium Nitrate, Iron and other nutrient cores are all used in these blends.

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Osmocote® Blends - IBDU

IBDU is NOT a coated nutrient. We have successfully used IBDU in some of our blends for many years because it provides nitrogen earlier in the season in areas where the media temperatures are cool in the spring.

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Peters® Products

Our top-end Peters fertilizers provide optimum feeding for outstanding quality and beautiful colour. Universol fertilizer products set the standard for water-soluble fertilizers for ornamental horticulture.

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Wetting agents move water and nutrients more efficiently through soil reducing irrigation, wasted fertilizer and runoff.

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