Peters Excel® pHLow®

At a glance...

  • Useful over a wide range of water alkalinity types and application rates.
  • Highly soluble formulations mix easily and help keep irrigation systems clean.
  • Acidifying technology and chelated micronutrients maintain dark green foliage of spring crops.
  • Single stock tank compatibility saves time, labor and materials costs.
  • Available in multiple formulations; find your ideal solution with the Peters® A-B+C Selection System.

21-7-7 Acid Hammer

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Acid Hammer is a new tool to manage the effects of hard water on your plants. Peters® Excel pHLow® contains a unique technology called PeKacid®. Peters Excel pHLow is much safer to handle than traditional acids. Our line of Peters Excel pHLow products perform wonderfully in hard water. Peters Excel pHLow 21-7-7 Acid Hammer is effective in waters with alkalinity readings up to 300 ppm.

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