Banrot 8G

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Banrot Banrot 8G

Banrot Banrot 8G

Banrot, a very popular combination of Etridiazole and Thiophanate Methyl in two formulations to fit various use patterns. Etridiazole controls Pythium and Phytophthora, and Thiophanate Methyl controls many other root and crown rotting diseases.  Banrot is an excellent choice both at the beginning of a crop cycle when transplants benefit from the protective properties of the etridiazole & Thiophanate methyl active ingredients, and later for curative and preventative treatments. 

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Banrot 8G; a granular formulation for incorporation into growing media used in Nurseries and Greenhouses. Banrot 8G may also be applied in field crops via tow-behind spreader.