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H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery Granular Surfactant

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  • optimizes moisture penetration and distribution in the root zone of soilless media container crops
  • can be applied during blending or any time during production
  • rate-related effects allow the user to match crop cycles to longevity
  • retains performance even after multiple wet / dry cycles or if media is stored for an extended time prior to use
  • helps to reduce losses from dry down in the post-production and retail environments
  • uniform moisture distribution creates a stronger root environment and allows even distribution of applied solutions
  • at high rates, rewetting action can continue through the entire production cycle and retail stage
  • may be surface applied to containers prior to shipment
  • also available in liquid formulation
Recommended Rates and Directions


Media incorporation rates
  oz/yd gm/yd

Maxiumum longevity (up to 12 months)
Long-term production cycle (severely water-repellent growing media)

27 765

Short to medium longevity (up to 6 months)
Start to mid-term production cycle (moderately water-repellent growing media)

 13.5 382


Topdress rate is 2 tablespoons per 1 gallon container. Wet growing media thoroughly at time of application.

There may be variations in longevity under certain growing conditions. We recommend testing a small number of plants before large scale application. 

Granular soilless media wetting agent intended for blending or surface application. Optimizes water-holding capacity to decrease irrigation frequency. Reduces dry spots and wilting even in post-production. Ideal for use in containers, pots, hanging baskets, trays, and plugs.