ICL Specialty Fertilizers Tools & Apps

At ICL Specialty Fertilizers we have various tools and apps such as advisory programs, to help you in your daily work. Calculations and advice made easy!

ICL SF is dedicated to providing accurate, affordable analysis through the ICL Speciality Fertilizers Testing Lab. The Lab provides easy-to-understand reports for irrigation water, growing media or soil, and plant tissue. Combine these test results with the expertise of our technical advisors for even better growing solutions.






Peters® A B+C Selection System

Narrowing down your options for water soluble fertilizer has never been easier. The Peters® A B+C Seletion System lets you easily choose your best nutrition options based on your crop and water type.

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Peters® Rate Calculator

By utilizing this on-line calculator you can better optimize your return on investment by matching the right Peters® products—in the right ratios—to consistently and reliably meet the nutritional needs of your plants.

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Fusion Value Calculator

Osmocote® Blend with Fusion Technology™ keeps more prills in the pot, which puts more profit in your pocket. By utilizing this on-line calculator, simply plug in the numbers specific to your operation to figure out how much profit you are likely to pocket.

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