Avg Sowing Rate

30 g/m²

Mowing Height

25 - 35 mm

Lolium perenne Fairway


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for Use
  • Great for fairways, sports fields, recreational turf
  • Bunch-type growth habit, thin blades, low vertical growth
  • Creates a compact, dense, medium green colored turf
  • Fantastic wear tolerance, good cold tolerance
  • Also good for spring green-ups

Fairway has a bunch-type growth habit with thin blades and low vertical growth. It has quick establishment and creates a very balanced, dense turf with a medium green color. It is also great to use for a good spring green-up.

Fairway has incredible good wear tolerance and is also one of the most cold-tolerant perennial ryegrasses available today.

Directions for Use

Establishment and maintenance
For best turf results, seed in early fall or spring at 30 – 35gr/m2. Make sure to keep seedbed moist throughout germination and establishment.

In optimal temperatures, germination will begin within 7 – 12 days. Full coverage will take approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Before cutting for the first time, make sure the turf has reached approximately 5cm.

Established maintenance
Best results occur when fertilized at an annual rate of 20 – 25gr/m2 of Nitrogen. Deep, irregular irrigation patterns are recommended during cooler months. Decrease the amount used in the spring, but increase the amount used in summer months. ICL recommends a cutting height of 1 – 5cm.

For more information contact your ICL advisor.

Fairway is a perennial ryegrass and ideal for sports fields, golf course fairways and recreational turf. It is part of ICL’ Wear tolerance program.


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