Universol and hard irrigation water: a perfect match!

Fertilizer and water have to work in perfect harmony so the fertilizer can produce optimum results.

Irrigation water quality is the root cause of many crop and growth problems. That’s why you need to have your water analyzed so you can pick the right fertilizer for your particular crop and growing situation. This is crucial because salts in the irrigation water impact EC and pH levels in the potting soil, which in turn affects the crop.

How does hard water affect your fertilizers?

Hard water contains large amounts of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and bicarbonate (HCO3). Depending on the depth and location of the wells, spring water is in most cases hard water. The hardness of the water is expressed in Degrees of German Hardness (odH) or in the amounts of calcium bicarbonate in mmol/l. Hard water can cause problems during cultivation. The most common problems are:

  • Poor solubility of fertilizers
  • Sometimes high ECs in the water, leaving less space for useful nutrients.
  • Rising pH and EC levels in the substrate.
  • Reduced availability of nutritional elements in the root environment.
  • Precipitation in the tank and blockages in the irrigation system.


Using Universol specials for hard water offers you a range of advantages:

  • Optimum water quality, resulting in improved take-up of nutrients by your crops.
  • Acidifying effect, (partially) purifies the water of bicarbonate.
  • Improved take-up of nutrients, more efficient use of fertilizers.
  • Best solubility in water, which contributes to the hygiene and flushing of your irrigation system.
  • Formulas for the growth phase and the hardening phase of your crop.
  • Extra high level of iron in Universol HW 225 (10-10-28+2MgO) in order to promote additional chlorophyll during hardening phase.
  • Better leaf color due to a complete package of trace elements, including a higher amount of iron.
  • Easy-to-absorb source of iron, even in cold conditions.


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