Foliar fertilizer

Advanced foliar Fertilizer Technologies ensure your success

Foliar fertilizer technology is a unique, dynamic and effective method of crop nutrition.

Foliar feeding provides an excellent solution when the plant root system is not functioning optimally or nutrition via the soil is malfunctioning. This form of feeding is ideal when root uptake is disturbed by factors such as overly cold or warm soils, high soil pH, high weed competition or nematode infestation. Foliar fertilizers are also perfect for use as a preventive tool to avoid deficiencies and reduce stress situations.



Nutrivant formulations are designed for arable and fruit crops. They help improve crop quality and increase the size and quantity of fruits.

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Agroleaf Power

Agroleaf power is different from other foliar products due to its speedy uptake, purity of minerals and advanced technology. The specially designed M-77 foliar package is added for enhanced delivery of nutrients and stress resistant plants.

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Agroleaf Liquid

The new precision foliar liquid range Agroleaf Liquid features unique products designed to eliminate deficiencies, and boost plant growth during critical growth stages.

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