Long-lasting technology for improved foliar nutrition

Nutrivant is designed as a preventive foliar product being part of a complete fertilizer plan. The Nutrivant range comprises fully soluble formulations that contain both macro-, meso- and micro-nutrients and a special designated trace mix for every crop’s need.

All NutriVant products contain an advanced adjuvant called FertiVant. The FertiVant technology improves the efficiency of Nutrivant.

Nutrivant requires a lower volume of spray for application, reducing the nutrient cost per hectare. It can be easily tank mixed with a large number of plant protection products.

Foliar feeds from Nutrivant fit into all fertilization programs and are chloride-free and fully soluble.

Nutrivant Plus Balance



Nutrivant Plus Balance is a fully soluble formulation that contain macro- and micro-nutrients that  cover the crop’s need. Its nutrient balance will promote improved tillering and higher grain number and quality. The micronutrients are in chelated form, which makes the product stable at different water quality levels.

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