ICL Specialty Fertilizers understands that agricultural crop production requires a comprehensive range of inputs to optimize crop yield and quality. Therefor in our Specialties range we provide a range of products for the farmer and the grower to improve plant yield and plant resilience to pest and disease attack but also to optimize plant protection efficiency and water management during the crop cycle.


» Smart water management; save money and time!

» Wetting agents; crucial components of integrated maintenance programmes



H2Flo is a blend of soil surfactants which reduces the surface tension of irrigation water and allows both vertical and lateral movement of water.

H2Flo leads the way in water conservation products with the highest concentration of active ingredients (88%) of the most advanced wetting agents available. H2Flo allows growers and farmers to optimize the water use efficiency saving time and energy. H2Flo can be applied as an initial humectant and also during the normal irrigation cycle where it will also aid the movement of fertilizers throughout the soil and thus balancing the EC levels.

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